Start with Starters
Rather than starting from scratch, explore educational resources developed by others. Spend your time planning the classroom environment rather than searching for resources. Locate two or three online resources to use in a classroom activity.
Thematic Starting Points - Best for Themes
General Education Portals - Best for Educational Information and Resources
Evaluating Online Software Reviews 
Use what you have and buy what you need. There's lots of educational software on the market. How do you choose the best software for your needs? Explore the Codie awards to see the best software of last year.
Compare and contrast at least two of the following review sources.
Ask yourself:
Who conducts and posts the reviews?
Do you think the sponsor of the site impacts the quality or content of the reviews?
What criteria are used to evaluate software? Is this criteria is effective?
Locate software evaluations for the same piece of software at two different sites. Compare and contrast the results?
Do you think online software evaluations are a good way to select software? Brainstorm other methods that may be as or more effective.
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 Created by Annette Lamb, 7/00. Updated 6/01.