What's the most effective way to configure computers in schools - singles, clusters, labs?
Effective, efficient, or appealing?
It depends on your students, teachers, building structure, and curriculum.
The key to configuration is use. Do you need singles, clusters, and labs? Yes!
Ask Yourself:
How are computers being used in your building? Why? What computers are not being effectively used? Why? What type of computer power and arrangement do you need to meet the needs of your students, teachers, and the curriculum? The answers to these questions will be as varied as your school, students, and teachers.
Ringmaster Quote
I can please only one person per day.
Today is not your day.
Tomorrow isn't looking good either.
Making the Best Choices
Think Use. When selecting a configuration, consider how technology will be used. Consider all of the possibilities:
  • One person, one computer
  • Two people, one computer
  • Small group, one computer
  • Mixed, computer clusters
  • Entire class, computer lab
  • Entire class, projector
Think Technology. Remember that your technology program is more than computers. While you're considering the placement of computers, also consider the following technologies:
  • scanners & digital cameras
  • probes/lab equipment
  • printers
  • data projectors
  • video cameras
  • microphones
Think Activity. Consider the times when students need access to technology. What types of configurations will they need? Explore the Cyberseasons project and think about all the different ways that technology could be used in the project.
What's the most effective way to configure computers in schools - singles, clusters, labs?

Do It! 
Fun with Balloons. Here are some balloons. What are you going to do with them? How is this like computers in schools?
Make a chart. What kinds of activities need what type of technology resources? What do you need?