Ringmasters, Clowns, & Tightropes:
Technology Management and Leadership
Annette Lamb
Do you feel like you're walking a technology tightrope? This workshop will help you deal with the fun and frustrations of life as a technology leader. We've got answers to the big questions: correct, incorrect, and just plain silly. Do computers really make a difference in kids' learning? This web-based workship will address 15 "biggie" educational technology questions that teachers, parents, and school board members are always asking. If you're supposed to be the ringmaster but feel more like a clown, this workshop is for you.
PT Barnum said a sucker is born every minute. Don't be one of them! Be a leader! Explore each of the following questions:
  1. Do computers really make a difference in kids' learning?
  2. What do you mean by the term "integration of the computer into the curriculum"?
  3. How many computers are enough?
  4. How do you handle aging technology in your schools?
  5. How do you assess the IT program within your school?
  6. What coming trends should technology leaders be aware of?
  7. How do you get other teachers on staff to commit to integrating technology into their classroom activities?
  8. How do you build the IT culture in your school?
  9. How do you motivate teachers?
  10. How do you handle the implementation dip?
  11. What's the most effective way to configure computers in schools - singles, clusters, labs?
  12. What's the role of the Internet in schools?
  13. How do we protect kids from inappropriate materials?
  14. Where do we put our emphasis - tool-based software or curriculum-based software?
  15. Where can I find the answers?

Feel free to use these materials for workshops or your own professional development. However, keep in mind that these materials were created for use by participants in Annette Lamb's workshops, not as stand-alone materials. For additional information about the "live" workshops, contact Annette Lamb.

Why 15 questions? The educational leadership SIG in ECOO came up with what they viewed as important questions facing educational technology leaders in schools. I was asked to address these questions at the ECOO conference in Toronto, Ontario in Spring 1999. They were tough questions, but we had lots of fun addressing them. Check out the workshop photos for a laugh.

Created by Annette Lamb, 6/99. Updated 4/00.