How do you get other teachers or staff to commit to integrating technology into their classroom activities?
Gifts, bribes, jealousy, threats
Collaboration, sharing, support
One of the keys to an effective staff development plan is providing choices. Teachers need opportunities that match their abilities and interests. However, don't take NO for an answer. Here are the choices:
  • Do A
  • Do B
  • Do C
  • There is no "none of the above".
Ringmaster Quote
There are two types of computer users:
Those that back up their files and those that will one day be upset that they didn't.
Every expert was once a beginner!
Professional Development Ideas
Traditional approaches to staff development and technology have been largely ineffective. The same few teachers seem to continue to attend all the workshops. When large group activities are offered, teachers often complain that it's not what they want or need at the moment. Try some of the following ideas:
Build Teams. Burn the fire from both ends. Rather than a mentor program, consider groups of 3. Cohort groups of the same grade level or subject area work great. Match students and teachers. Consider groups that incorporate an administrator, library/media specialist, or other support area person.
Lend Support. Help teachers who are ready to help themselves. For example, say: "I'll post the projects, you get them to me." Or, "I'll make the page, you send me URLs". Try, "You take the pictures, I'll download them". Then, slowly build their skills so they can do it on their own. Show it, team it, then let them loose!
Drag Them Along. Help teachers make baby steps. Praise steps in the right direction. Help teachers repeat projects, so they feel more and more confidence. Think small.

Create Professional Development Plans. Each teacher has their own interests and skills, learning style, and teaching style. In addition, each educator teaches different students. As a result, they each need an idividual plan for professional development and technology integration.

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How do you get other teachers on staff to commit to integrating technology into their classroom activities?

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