How do you build the IT culture in your school?
Keep it simple
Make it fun
Make it a part of the day
Work as a team
Building a culture of technology is essential to reach technology integration goals. Technology should be a regular part of the school environment.
Ringmaster Quote
We believe that children are the future
We believe teachers shape their future...
We believe technology is cool
We believe teachers are cooler.
-Tom Snyder Productions
Create a Culture

Let's explore some ideas that will keep technology interesting and fun.

Start with Cool Projects. Focus on projects that require a low "learn-time", very little class time, and very little management. These projects should also be high impact and real-world. Make the curriculum fun!
For example, the Lost and Found Tooth project is fun and easy.
Share Cool Projects. Reach outside the classroom. Post your projects in the classroom or hall bulletin boards. Consider a sharing area in the library/lunchroom. Get the entire school involved in a school-wide activity. Think about projects that work across grades. Share your project on the Internet.
Explore some Science projects.
Involve Everyone! Involve students in grant writing, teachers in creating, principals in judging, and parents in sharing.
Build Fun Themes. Everything's more fun with a theme. Even a website like this one! Create schoolwide projects, hold logo contests, and coordinate fund raising activities.
Make your technology lab or classroom area more enticing. Cover the doors and walls with colorful cloth. Put beanie babies on the tops of computers, create fun screen borders from cardboard, made student-produced background and screen savers, buy matching mouse pads, and build mobiles from old mice, motherboards, and disk. Have fun!
How do you build the IT culture in your school?

Do It! 
Brainstorm ways to bring teachers and technology together.
Brainstorm a fun theme for next fall.