How do you motivate teachers?
Positive work environment
Moral and technical support
Early retirement incentives
We know what motivates teachers. The question is how to create that positive work environment all the time. You can have lots of technology in our schools, but without motivated teachers it will go to waste.
Ringmaster Quote
Hardware without software is just junk, but software without teaching is just noise.
The mediocre teacher tells
The good teacher explains
The superior teacher demonstrates
The great teacher inspires
William Arthur Ward
Motivating Teachers
Explore some of the following ideas for motivating teachers:
Untie Teachers. Large blocks of time are need to plan and implement a technology-rich classroom program. Give teachers the chance to work with others and easily access the resources they need to be successful.
Provide Inspiration. Models, mentors, teaming, ideas, and connections can help inspire teachers. Provide guidelines, step-by-step helpers, listservs, and other resources that will help teachers be successful.
Provide Opportunities. Teachers need lots of opportunities. Every teacher that takes an opportunity is a success. Provide lists of ideas, links to sites, and lots of cool examples and models.
How do you motivate teachers?

Do It! 
Brainstorm ways to "praise" teachers for their great work.

Brainstorm "opportunities" that would motivate teachers.