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What coming trends should technology leaders be aware of?
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Equity, access, copyright issues
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It's difficult to anticipate the future. If we could predict the future, we'd be rich and retired by now. On the other hand, if we're aware of the past and present, it's sometimes easier to anticipate what might happen in the future.
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The future is that time when you'll wish you'd done what you aren't doing now.
Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.
If we compared educational technology to aviation, then the Wright brothers are about 15 years old and just getting some ideas about trying to fly.
The true test of intelligence is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don't know what to do. John Holt, How Children Fail
The Future
Let's explore three trends.
Visual Communication. Traditionally, a majority of classroom time has been spent in the verbal area with textbooks and lectures. However, much of learning occurs through the visual channel. Video conferencing, imaging, animation, and digital video are all making the visual channel more feasible in the classroom. Check out some interesting video conferencing projects at NASA. Lightspan's Global Schoolnet supports a CU-SeeMe Schools program that can connect your classroom with other classrooms and exciting projects. In the future, schools will continue to reach outside their classroom through new live and recorded visual resources.
Authentic Projects. The word authentic means true, real, correct, and not copied or fake. In the past, many classroom experiences have be contrived. Whether a pretend math problem or a simplified historical document, our children often encounter "kid's" versions of the world. A trend is toward more real-world experiences. For example, rather than communications being written to the teacher, the writing and images are written for a real audience. Internet provides a great tool for identifying real audiences for student projects. Students can also use technology to locate real data, share their experiences, and find an impact for their work. The website called Eyewitness contains pictures, documents, and stories from real people that bring history alive.
Collaborative Projects. Teamwork is an important life skill and a growing trend. Teachers and students need to be able to collaborate. Get students involved with sharing, contributing, and assessing their peers. At Cyberfair you can find many great student projects. Check out a project from Asia. Explore the Chicken Soup for the Soul site.
Future - Trends
What coming trends should technology leaders be aware of?

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