Prairies, Pioneers, and Partnerships: Matching Standards, Resources, and Engaging Projects

Survive on the cyber-prairie by aligning standards, selecting useful resources, and developing engaging, technology-rich projects. Find partners and build your 'Little School on the Cyber-prairie.'

To survive on the prairie, pioneers had to modify their old ways and learn new skills. We need to do the same thing on the cyberfrontier. Without careful packing, those new standards won't fit in your curriculum wagon! Pioneers toss stuff as they go and pick up new things along the way. This workshop will help you align standards, select useful resources, and develop engaging, technology-rich activities. Find a partner and build your 'Little School on the Cyberprairie.'

Explore each of the following areas.

Explore the PowerPoint presentation text and links.
After completing this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Align content area and technology standards.
  • Explore ways to integrate technology standards into meaningful K-12 classroom activities.
  • Modify old instructional techniques and learn new skills for integrating technology into classroom activities.
  • Select and evaluate technology resources such as Internet sites.
  • Design creative, engaging student projects that incorporate technology.
  • Implement classroom management strategies for successful classroom projects.
  • Develop partnerships with other schools.
  • Empower students through the use of technology-rich projects.

Developed by Annette Lamb, 10/99. Updated 8/00.