Developing Project Partnerships
Although they often lived miles apart, pioneers relied on one another.
Find partners and build your 'Little School on the Cyber-prairie.'
Activity 1: Reach Out
Use the Ask-An-Expert site, Expert Central or AskA+Locator site to locate an expert that could answer a question for your class. Write an email message that contains the following elements:
  • Your school, name, and grade level
  • Your interest in the topic
  • Your question
  • A thank you statement

Activity 2: Explore a Project

Explore the Global Schoolhouse Project Registry. Search for projects at your grade level and interest area. Discuss whether this project would work for your class. Use the criteria below in evaluating the project or use the criteria at Houghton Mifflin.
  • Does the project match my learning outcomes?
  • Does the project fit my grade level?
  • Do we have the hardware and software to implement the project?
  • Does the timeline fit the needs of my class?
  • Will the students find the project interesting and motivating?
  • Is the project "doable"?
  • What type of data would be collected and shared? Why? Is there a good reason for using the Internet?
  • How would you disseminate information, share results, and discuss the project: email, web discussion, chat, video conferencing?
Activity 3: Modify a Project
Use the following sites to locate additional projects. Select a project and use the basic idea in creating a project based on a classroom theme such as prairies or pioneers.
Activity 4: Design a Project
Use the categories below and design your own telecommunications project. Share your idea and critique the ideas of others.
  • Topic/Title:
  • Overview:
  • Content Areas:
  • Outcomes/Standards:
  • Ages of Participants:
  • Participant Requirements:
  • Type/Level of Interaction:
  • Materials Needed:
  • Procedure:
  • Timeline:
  • Contact Person:
Activity 5: Connect with a Class
Use the EPals, Connection, or Pitsco's Key Pal Page site to identify another class that might be used in a telecommunications project.
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Managing Technology-Rich Projects: Empowering Students

Developed by Annette Lamb, 10/99. Updates 8/00.