timeWebQuests to Web 2.0: More than a Decade of Technology Ideas

Learn to connect the best technology approaches of the past with the potential of new technology to build effective, efficient, and appealing learning environments for today's young people.

Engage learners in motivating, standards-based activities that promote deep thinking and creative communications. When you combine quality Internet resources and effective technology tools with the power of Web 2.0 applications, learning comes alive for students. WebQuests are an inquiry-based approach to addressing standards that place emphasis on motivating assignments, authentic assessments, and developing independent readers and writers. In this workshop, you'll learn to locate, evaluate, adapt, use, create, and co-produce your own WebQuests.

Get Started

Read about Web 2.0 at the ABCs of Web 2.0.

Explore and Evaluate WebQuests

Explore WebQuest.org to see the "home" of WebQuests. Go to the Find WebQuests page and search the database or use the Curriculum x Grade Level Matrix.

Learn more at Internet Expeditions: WebQuest Definition and Foundations and WebQuest Evaluation and Use.

WebQuests and Web 2.0 Tools

WebQuests & Social Networks

WebQuests & Blogs

WebQuests & Audio and Video

WebQuests & Wikis

WebQuest & Virtual Worlds

WebQuests & Web 2.0

Explore Ms. Hogue's Online English Resources including CyberEnglish 9 , AP English, American Literature, Media Literacy and Diversity, Poetry, Journalism. Notice all of the Web 2.0 tools that she uses.

WebQuest Materials

If you'd like to create your own WebQuest, explore some of the following resources:

If you'd like to learn more about Web 2.0, check out ABCs of Web 2.0.

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