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Find Fish Friends
You can waste a lot of time wandering around the Internet. Instead, look for websites that others have created that can get you started in the right direction. Match the resources you find with the units you teach right now.
You can find general educational portals and starting points, thematic resources, pages for specific grade levels, and subject area starters.
All Levels
Explore the following starting points. Choose three that you think would be most helpful. Rather than bookmarking the general page, look for the page with your specific subject area or grade level interest. Then, think about how your area connects with other subject areas.

Elementary School

Middle/High School

Thematic Starting Points - Best for Themes
Locate resources for a theme for your classroom. Consider whether the materials might be useful online or printed. Also, consider whether the materials are primarily for the teacher or students.

All Grade Levels

Primary Themes

K-5 Themes


Kindergarten Units

Gander Academy


Perpetual Preschool Themes

ConnectingStudents - not working

CLN Themes

K-3 Themes

Grades 3-5 Themes

Pathfinders - Cleveland

K-2 Tech-Thematic Ideas

3-5 Tech-Thematic Ideas

Electric Teacher

Reading Themes

Thematic Units- Grades K-5

Curriculum Connections

Buddy Backpacks

Social Studies Connections

Tech-Literacy Curriculum

Invitations to Literacy Themes

Theme Bank

Middle/High School Themes

A to Z Themes

Thematic Units - Grades 6+


Middle School Themes

Skewl Sites

High School Reading List



Find a friend on the Internet. Seek out other teachers who teach what you teach. Use their class web pages. Use Cool Classroom Pages or High School Hub's Teacher Page.

When you're done with this page, check out Search a Fishing Hole.

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