Search a Fishing Hole
Sometimes you can't find what you need at the general education websites. Try using the search engines and directories. If you're interested in resources by teens and for teens, look at ThinkQuest. Do a search for a topic you've taught recently or plan to teach this year.
When looking for teaching and learning materials, we like to start with Google. Rather than searching for your topic, consider a more narrow search that focuses on subtopics, teaching resources, or student materials. Download the Search Strategies PDF file for more ideas about organizing your search. Use the following words as part of your search:
  1. For more narrow searches, include words that focus on people, places, events, issues, or more specific words associated with your topic. For instance, tornado safety or tornado preparation or tornado procedures.
  2. For teacher materials, try words like teacher guide, lesson, activities, webquest, lab, assessment, presentation, discussion. For instance tornado lesson.
  3. For media materials, try the words like audio, clipart, animation, photographs. For instance, tornado video.
  4. For student materials, try words like student project, contest, fair, report, tutorial, practice, simulation. For instance, tornado simulation.
There are many search tools available. Try some of the following resources. Compare the results.
If you have time, check out some resources to sharpen your search strategies and evaluation skills.
When you're done with this page, check out Adapt Ideas.
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