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Use the following resources on this page to explore ideas for electronic math activities across the curriculum using your handheld device.


Data Sources for Authentic Problem-Solving

Local Data Collection

  • Light, voltage, pH, temperature

Data-Rich Web Projects

Participate in projects that involve online data collection and sharing. Also, use the archives to compare data over time.

Palm-based Data Sources

Web-based Data Sources

Try It
Go to the Data and Statistics page from Escrapbooking. Select a website that provides data that could be downloaded on the Palm.

Palm Tools & Activities

Many Palm-based tools are available to support math activities.

  • Design specific activities associated with a Palm-based tool.
  • Develop an e-worksheet for students to record their findings.
  • More Ideas: Middle School Archives of Ask Dr. Math

Number Sense


  • Palm Software
    • Spreadsheets to Go
  • Palm Activity (7.2.2) : Population Statistics
    • What is the percentage increase in the population?
  • Palm Activity (7.2.3): Comparison Shopping
    • Compare prices for the same items at different online stores including Best Buy, Walmart, CostCo, and Amazon.
    • Compare items in videos, food, furnishings, books, clothing, music, and games.
    • Create a spreadsheet showing the comparisons. Each team member visits a different store and returns to their original group to share data.
      • How did the prices compare?
      • What patterns did you see?
      • What was the total amount spent at each store?
      • What would the total be if all the highest prices were combined? What about the lowest prices?
      • What store has the best prices overall?
      • Where would you shop? Why?
      • If you had a 25% discount card for Best Buy, would it make a difference?
      • What if sales tax or shipping were charged by the two least expensive stores? Would it make up the difference?
    • Related Ideas

Algebra and Functions


  • Palm Software
  • Palm Activities
    • Coordinate graphs
    • Plot shapes
    • Calculate lengths and areas
    • Pythagorean Theorem
    • Lengths of right triangles
    • Construct nets for 3D objects such as prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones
  • Interactive Websites
    • Dr. Wick
  • Web Resources


  • Palm Software
    • Count It - allows users to customize counters with running totals.
    • QDiary - keeps track of sequential values
  • Palm Activities
    • Compare lengths, areas, volumes, eights, times, temperatures
    • Scale drawings and models
    • Areas and perimeters of 2D shapes
    • Volumes and surface areas of 3D shapes
  • Web Resources

Data Analysis and Probability

Problem Solving

Related Topics: Calculators

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Try It
Download Palm software in one of the areas above. Use authentic data for a specific, standards-based activity.

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Math Resources

Web Resources

Interactive Activities

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Explore online math sources and adapt activities to the Palm environment.

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