readingElectronic Reading Across the Curriculum

From ebook novels to Letters to the Editor the Palm provides an environment for electronic reading.

Use the following resources on this page to explore ideas for electronic reading across the curriculum using your handheld device.

eBooks on the Web

Middle School Ebook Classics

  • H.G. Wells
  • Charles Dickens
    • Palm ebooks: Works of Charles Dickens (scroll down for free Palm)
      • A Christmas Carol (Palm)
    • Web Resources: 42explore
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne
    • Palm Ebook:
    • Web Resorces: Spectator Interactive (interactive)
  • Jack London
    • Palm Ebook: The Call of the Wild by Jack London (1903) (Palm)
    • Web Resources:
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Shakespeare
  • Thoreau
  • Mark Twain
    • Palm ebooks: Works of Mark Twain (scroll down for free Palm)
      • Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Palm)
      • Adventures of Huck Finn (Palm)
    • Web Resources: 42explore
  • Other Classics
    • Alcott - Little Women (Palm)
    • Dewey - Democracy and Education (1916) (Palm)
    • Doyle - Sherlock Holmes (Scroll down page to list)
    • Emerson - Nature: Addresses and Lectures (1849) (Palm)
    • Frost - A Group of Poems (Palm)
    • Machiavelli - The Prince (1532) (Palm)

Sources of Palm-based Ebooks

Palm eBook Software & Resources

eBook Resources

Try It!
Explore ebook options. Create a SD card of favorite middle school ebooks.

Literature Connections

Palms and Literature Connections

  • Use Palm Inspiration to
    • build concept maps related to characters, plot, and setting
    • create a timeline of events
    • compare characters, plots, or settings within a book or between books and movies
    • show relationships among characters
  • Use Word to Go to
    • record questions and answers
    • summarize chapters
    • write character analysis or comparisons
    • write fictional letters connected to the book from the perspective of characters
  • Web Resources: Literature Activity Ideas from SCORE

The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963


  • Critique the summaries, character analysis, and chapter outlines from SparkNotes. Use SparkNotes: Outsiders website and Outsiders Characters (pdb)
  • Read The Artist and the Murderer by Katherine Ramsland. This artist focuses on forensic art. This text could easily be downloaded to the Palm.
  • Read Law Enforcement Articles for Youth from Department of Justice.
  • Use MatchWho Palm Software to visualize the characters in the book just like the composite sketches the police use. Then, write a note about the character and how you made the decision about his or her appearance. Was it based on a description in the book, the actions of the characters, a person you known that's like the character or something else?
  • Web Resources

Try It!
Invent a fictional character. Write a detailed facial description. Download the MatchWho Palm Software onto each Palm. Trade your description with a peer. Does their visual match what you had in mind? If not, would you revise your description? If yes, how?

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Content-Rich Reading

High-Level Thinking Activities

Reading across the curriculum.

  • Use Inspiration to show comparison among three resources
  • Write and beam 10 Questions based on reading
  • More Ideas at

Field Guides

What chemical elements do you use in everyday life? What wildlife lives in your area? What types of fitness activities are good for your heart? What historic sites are within two days of Indianapolis?

Emergency Preparation Guides

Do you live near "tornado alley"? Did you know that Los Angles is slowly moving northwest toward San Francisco? What human and environmental disasters are likely to impact your area? Learn about the science and social issues related to this disaster.

  • Palm Activities
    • Lang Arts
      • Explore the Palm-based emergency preparation guides.
      • Interview people about their preparation plans using the Palm to brainstorm and organize questions. Then, record answers.
      • Create a Palm-based guide based on the needs of your local area.
      • Cite sources used.
    • Math
      • What's the cost of natural disasters?
      • Identify real-world disasters and problems
        • cost of hotels vs apts vs trailers for hurricane victims
      • Investigate price gouging
      • Discuss impact on people in terms of fractions and decimals. Agencies are reporting using different ways of expressing percents. Make them consistent.
    • Science
      • Where are disasters most likely? Why?
      • How do you explain the science of natural events to citizens? What do they need to know?
    • Geography
      • Examine the map of areas prone to natural disasters around the world
      • What are issues related to movement of people, transportation, natural barriers, riverways, etc.?
      • What are issues in rebuilding and preparation related to geography?
  • Palm Software
  • Web Resources

Reference Tools

Create your own short reference guides by copying from online resources. Be sure to cite the source.

Primary Source Documents

  • Palm eBooks
    • Autobiographies
      • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave (1845) (Palm)
      • The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (1771-1788) (Palm)
      • Common Sense (1776) (Palm)
    • Declaration of Independence
    • Gettysburg Address (Palm)
    • World Constitutions (text on web pages, make Palm documents)
      • Compare the constitutions from different countries. How are they alike and different? Use Inspiration to show a comparison.
  • Website Resources

Informational Reading

  • Palm Activities
    • Fact-checking. Fact vs opinion comparison in Word or Inspiration
  • Electronic Databases
    • Search databases and save text-only articles to the Palm.
      • Opposing Viewpoints
      • Consumer Reports
    • Preselect articles and download excerpts.
  • Web Resources

Try It!
Select one of the content-rich reading activities above. Discuss classroom management issues in implementation.

World Constitutions (text on web pages, make Palm documents). Compare the constitutions from different countries. How are they alike and different? Use Inspiration to show a comparison.

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Multimedia Reading

Many television and radio program transcripts, video, and audio are available for downloading.

Try It!
Go to Earth and Sky.
Read the transcript or listen to one of the programs.
Copy a transcript into Word for use in a reading activity.
Be sure to cite your source.
Download the Podcast for use in a listening activity.

Go to Earth and Sky Scientist Profiles.
Brainstorm how these profiles could be used in the classroom.
Select six profiles to use in a specific reading activity.

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Generating Palm Compatible Documents


Web Pages

It's a good idea to stick to text-only pages. You can also create you're own Palm friendly pages that student can then read.

  • Plucker - free, open source ebook and web clipper program
  • FlingIt - software from goknow

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Web Resources to Support Reading


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