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Young people need practical, meaningful, and active participation with varied activities. What experiences do you and your students seek?

Increasingly, webcams are being combined with blogs. For example, WildCam Africa from National Geographic has a place where students can ask questions as they watch the cam as part of an ongoing blog. You can turn any webcam into this type of project by using a blog or even a journal activity.

The Internet provides access to live events and activities not available in local areas. For example, FalconCams are used by people around the world to monitor the activities of these beautiful birds. Many classrooms are participating in projects that get students actively involved in real-world science through observing these live cameras and monitoring the blogs. For example, a fifth grade group in California maintains a website for their falcon project. It included links to Native American folklore, student journal entries, activities, and even an email reply from the author of Frightful's Mountain, Jean Craighead George. Consider ways to provide students with experiences that would not be possible without technology. For example, students can use an incubator simulation see learn about the gestation of chickens.

Jean George's books

Technology to Enrich

Use technology to enrich experience, However, don’t let technology distract from goal.

Try It!
Design an activity that uses Google Earth. Write simple directions that would guide students through the activity. What guidance would students need to successfully use the information found at this website?
How could questions be used to guide the process? For example, compare rural and urban areas. Compare different landforms. Trace the topography of a trip from one location to another.
Create a "Mission Impossible" type assignment such as "Can you figure out when particular photos were taken based on the building construction in places such as New York or Washington DC?


Live video cams, expert discussions, maps, and photographs can all help bring the outside world alive.

Try It
Connect a piece of literature or class activity to a Cam site.

Experiences Essential
“I enjoy learning experiences.”

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