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Young people need resources and technologies for thinking, creating, and communicating. They need materials for physical and mental work and place. What tools facilitate your work and the work of students?

Use Tools to Facilitate Work

American who tell the truthRead Americans who Tell the Truth by Robert Shetterly. You can also go to the website to learn about these famous people, read their quotes, and view artwork. Consider ways that students can produce their own books using graphics software.

  • KidPix
  • Fireworks
  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft Paint
  • Appleworks
  • TuxPaint - no money? It's FREE!

Use PowerPoint to provide starters for activities such as story (PPT), story starter (PPT), I know an old lady (PPT), bluebird (PPT).

Use online tools such as those at ReadWriteThink.

Try It!
Design technology-rich activities to go with children's books. Identify a book where students could add their own page, their own ending, create a story with the same characters... Use PowerPoint to create a model or template.

Use Flash Simulations and Interactive Tools

Many tools are available online. For example, Scholastic's Flashlight Readers project contains tools for helping students create projects based on books such as Esperanza Rising. The TATE Online project provides a tool for creating and writing about an imaginary city. Thinkport's Villainy, Inc is a project that asks student to use math to solve problems. At Discovery Channel: EarthQuake, you'll find tools to help you learn more about how earthquakes destroy buildings and the importance of good construction. Finally, the Virtual Ecosphere allows you to experiment with your own virtual ecosphere.

Go to Flash Projects and explore dozens of interactive websites in specific content areas.
Go to Flash Information Presentation and explore examples of how Flash is using for text, illustrations, maps, slide shows, timelines, and interactive tools.

K-2 Interactives by Subject Area
3-6 Interactives by Subject Area
7-12 Interactive by Subject Area
Elementary - Reading, Writing, Math
All Grades - Library of Congress: Interactives
All Grades - CBS News Interactives
All Grades - PBS Interactives
Art - Mixing Primary Colors, Resolution and Color
Computer & Technology - Password Security Agency, Robot Obstacle Course
Math - Illuminations Math Interactives, Mathematical Interactives, Virtual Manipulatives, Cut the Knot, Bank High School, Binary Balance
Science - Astronomy Interactives, Scholastic Interactives, Science View, Science Links
Science and Social Studies - National Geographic Interactives
Specials - Art, Music, ESL, Library, Guidance... Interactives

Creation - My Imaginary City, Book Report Sandwich Station, Magnet Poetry & MadLibs

Try It!
Create Word Workspaces to go with 3 different Flash interactive websites. Provide specific questions, guidelines, or extension activities.

Think about the importance of ease of access and use. Also, consider ways to promote active thinking, critical and creative thinking, and multiple perspectives and answers.

Tools Essential
“I use the best tool for the job.”

Developed by Annette Lamb, 6/05. Updated 6/07.