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Conduct Periodic Site Evaluation

  • Ask people what they like and don't like
  • Who comes to the site and why?
  • Why do people not come to the site?
  • What are they seeking?

Expand User Interactivity

  • Use Macromedia Contribute
  • Post PDF files
  • Encourage blogging

Add Simple Elements

  • Online forms
    • contact information
    • request for information
  • Site search engine
  • Virtual tour
  • Slide shows
  • Language options (Spanish, etc.)

Produce Quality Content

  • Design original content rather than reproducing materials already available at other sites:
    • Local news
    • Historical information
    • Interviews
    • Discussions
    • Student-produced materials
  • Be sure the website is frequently updated through the use of special features:
    • blogs
    • news

Redesign for Intuitive Navigation

  • Maintain a consistent layout for easy navigation.
  • Limit the depth of the site so users don't need to go more than 3 layers down for information.

Save Time

  • Eliminate things that are hard to update
    • calendars - menus, sports, news, how can you handle differently?
  • If you can't maintain website links, connect to a few unchanging resources rather than many individual websites.
  • When possible, use external CSS and external JavaScripts so it's easy to make website wide changes.

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