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Producing Pearl Projects:

Technology-Rich, Engaged Learning Environments
Annette Lamb
Not all oysters produce pearls and not every classroom project is a success. How can you create a pearl of a project that engages learners through technology rich, motivating, meaningful, and authentic learning environments? This web-workshop applies ideas related to engaged learning including problem solving, information processing, collaboration, communication, and "real world" activities. Rather than focusing on "what engaged learning is", the workshop will examine practical projects that apply these ideas to classroom settings through the use of technology tools and information resources including books, Internet, CD-ROM, imaging, video, and multimedia. For example, a book, historical site, video, or small animal may serve as the focus point, Internet resources provide background information, and meaningful activities engage students in reading, exploring information, and learning.
There are two ways to work through these materials. You can follow the links in the paragraph below and find narrative and illustrations. Or, you can use the hands-on workshop materials which contain activities.

Explore each of the four sections. Start by picking the right pearl project. Next, explore the connection between engaged learning and technology. Learn how to "survive the dive" through effective classroom management ideas. Finally, engage students by using focal points that draw and maintain learner interest.
Hands-On Workshop Materials

Feel free to use these materials for workshops or your own professional development. However, keep in mind that these materials were created for use by participants in Annette Lamb's workshops, not as stand-alone materials. For additional information about the "live" workshops, contact Annette Lamb.
Created by Annette Lamb, 6/99. Updated 12/99.