Powers of Ten: Differentiation & Technology

powers of tenDifferentiation is about varied approaches that spark student ideas and imagination.

What ignited your thinking when you were were in school? For me, it was a movie called the Powers of Ten. It made me want to learn more about the universe both large and small. Today there are other videos and animations that follow the same idea. How will you help learners understand, appreciate, and question their world?

Plan Engaging Learning Experiences

The key is establishing nurturing learning environments where all children will thrive.

The Great Migration is a National Geographic program containing interactives, games, and social connections in addition to the original text materials and video. Begin by asking: what are the big questions? What resources and tools will help all students learn?

Explore the following example showing how these elements can be put together to build a fluid environment for teaching.

How can you plan engaging experiences?


Let's review five powerful ways to differentiate through the use of technology by examining the use of the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs project:

  1. Plan - Use the power of technology to differentiate by organizing resources in meaningful ways to meet learner needs and interests.
  2. Present - Use the power of technology to differentiate by reaching multiple learner senses through multimedia experiences.
  3. Process - Use the power of technology to differentiate by extending the choices and tools for communication.
  4. Produce - Use the power of technology to differentiate by providing a variety of options for sharing student understandings.
  5. Promote Passion - Use the power of technology to differentiate by promoting a passion for learning.

Using technology in the classroom shouldn't be complicated or time-consuming. Instead, it should provide resources and tools that empower learners. For some child, a time-lapse video is what they need to learn.

"Life-long learners choose to seek out new ideas and alternative perspectives. They embrace our changing, dynamic, information-rich society by keeping their senses active and their minds full of ideas" (Lamb. 2012 Life-long Learning)

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