Tools for Imaging:
Online Visual Resources
Activity One
Locate a visual to go with a project. Practice copying and pasting into a word processor, database, spreadsheet, or Inspiration document. The following search tools are useful in locating visuals.
Try the following good starting points:

Do It!

Use Visual Resources

Activity Two

Sometimes you need a series of pictures on a particular topic such as weather, current events, travel, geography, history, art, or science. Try the following ideas:

Do It!

Use Visual Mapping

Activity Three
  • Download a demo copy of Inspiration or Kidspiration. Create a concept map that could be used for planning a word processing project.
  • Use the Teacher Tap Graphical Organizers to locate some good examples and ideas.
  • Copy a picture from a web resource and paste it into Inspiration or Kidspiration.

Developed by Annette Lamb, 7/99. Updated 6/01.