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Technology Tools in Teaching and Learning
Workshop with Annette Lamb
This workshop focuses on the use of technology as a tool. A tool is an instrument used for doing work. It can be anything that helps you accomplish something. Explore the following four pages to explore ways to integrate these tools into your classroom.

The focus of technology in teaching and learning is not on the tool itself, but what we can DO with the tool!
"The greatest potential of the computer for educators lies in its potential as a tool for students to use to solve problems and to explore new ideas and concepts." Dudley-Marling, Reading Teacher, 1985
The following areas match the workshop presentation and include all the links found in the handouts.

Feel free to use these materials for workshops or your own professional development. However, keep in mind that these materials were created for use by participants in Annette Lamb's workshops, not as stand-alone materials. For additional information about the "live" workshops, contact Annette Lamb.
This workshop is a companion to the book, Building Treehouses for Learning.
This workshop contains elements from the following presentation: Technology Tools in Teaching and Learning.
Developed by Annette Lamb, 7/99. Updated 6/01.