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Spreadsheets provide number crunching for mathphobs. They give users a chance to make calculations, try out new ideas, and visualize the results.
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Comparison Shop


Do some online comparison shopping. Explore the following sites and compare the price of three items. Make a simple spreadsheet that lists the place, the item, and the price. An easy place to start is with the titles of three books, movies, or CDs.
Start with these:
Also try these:

Food Finder
History Studies
Health Science
Spreadsheet Project Ideas

Spreadsheet Ideas
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Try some web-based calculators:
Try these formulas for spreadsheet projects:


Do Experiments
Water Bottle Project
Sound Detectives
Now you see it...
Keeping warm

Do It!

Create Spreadsheets


Conduct a science or social studies experiment and analyze the results on a spreadsheet.

  • Identify a problem and gather the data.
  • Create a file in Microsoft Excel.
  • Develop the layout.
  • Enter formulas.
  • Enter data.
  • Analyze the data.
  • Try some "what-ifs".
  • Draw conclusions.


Developed by Annette Lamb, 7/99.