Engaging Technology Tools Projects

Let's do meaningful, engaging, real-world projects!
General Project Ideas
Starter Project
Collect Data
Build the Database
Manipulate Data
Semester Project
Starting a Business
The Software
Practice Activities
Starting a Business
Data & Calculation
More Ideas
Strike Up the Band
Select 4 Activities
More Requirements
Advanced Projects

Integrate applications

Word Processing: Design
Databases: Create
Spreadsheets: Create
Environment & Arch
Designing living environments
Project Ideas
Natural Inventory
Nature Starter
Our school
Our Town
Trees in Our Town
Leaf Log
Our Earth: Explore
Trip Planning


Taking Action

Designing Projects

Clarify Your Goal
Focus Assignments
Think Questions
Think Problems
Narrow Your Focus
Provide context
Specific Assignment
Provide Models
Use Templates
Build Teams
Manage Tech Time
Process Checks
Vary Assessments

Do It!

Project Development


Brainstorm a project. Answer the following questions:

  • What's the goal of the project?
  • What problem or issue will be solved or addressed?
  • What's the context of the project?
  • What kind of data needs to be collected?
  • What's the best tool for organizing, calculating, and analyzing the data?
  • What's the specific student assignment?
  • How will student time be spent?
  • Do students have the resources they will need to be successful?
  • Will students be working individually or collaboratively?
  • What procedures will be used to collect, enter, and analyze information?
  • How will student progress be monitored?
  • What will the project look like?
  • What end product will be developed to communicate the results?
  • How will the student performance and project be assessed?


Developed by Annette Lamb, 7/99.