Technology Tool Tips
Beyond the basics of using the hardware and software, it's often helpful to locate some ideas for implementation. This page will help you find cool projects, modify existing projects, and get a jump-start on creating your own projects.
Use Kid's Lists
Get Ideas

Locate Lesson Plans

Do It!

Lesson Plans


Explore lesson plans that incorporate technology tools. Start at Microsoft and explore their lessons.

Try other lesson planning sites. Search for a content area topic and the technology tool such as nutrition and spreadsheets.

Jump Start Projects
Provide Starters:
Brainstorm as Class
1 Computer Ideas
Each day:
Use Multimedia
Graphic Options
Add Pictures
Use Shapes
Visuals Plus
Motivating Topics
Authentic Activities
Use Software Data
Authentic Data

Real Data

Do It!

Project Success


Share ideas for successful projects.


Developed by Annette Lamb, 7/99.