Computers as Tools
The computer can be an excellent tool to promote engaged learning. As you explore technology tools, consider how you will build the following areas into your engaging learning environment:
  • Problem Solving
  • Information Processing
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Authentic Resources
  • Real-World Activities
  • Project-Based

Knowledge and Skills
The computer is a great tool for information processing. As you develop activities, keep in mind that students need experiences at each level to build their skills.
Before you begin a project, keep in mind the purpose of the project. Your primary focus should be on promoting knowledge and skills that students can apply to the real-world situations. Students need to be able to address issues, solve problems, make informed decisions, and communicate ideas. Your secondary purpose focus is on learning the technology tools and integrating them into the curriculum. Although it's essential to learn the technology skills and address the curriculum, the most lasting results come from an emphasis on practical applications that are useful to students.
A foundation of knowledge and skills is important for success in technology projects. Consider each of the following areas:
Technology Tool Software
A variety of software packages can used for technology tool projects. First, use what's available in your building. Then, if the application doesn't meet your needs, consider a purchase. The next section will explore software for technology tool integration.
Davidson: Knowledge Adventure
Learning Company
Tom Snyder
Key Curriculum Press

Do It!

Software Exploration


It's a good idea to review software before you purchase. If you can't review it yourself, check one of the online review sources. Check out my software review page for lots of links to review resources.

Explore the resources available at Tom Snyder Productions. Specifically, check out the resources that accompany the Timeliner software.

  • Is there a demo available to download?
  • Are these types of online resources helpful?
  • Are classroom project ideas included?
  • Are materials available for my content area and grade level?
  • Are links provided to other resources?
  • Is there a way to communicate or share with others using the same software?

Developed by Annette Lamb, 7/99.