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puzzlePuzzles, Patterns, and Problems: Deep Thinking through Inquiry and Imagination


Building Expertise

Based on our knowledge of the differences between novices and experts, how do we help student information scientists develop the necessary repertoire of knowledge and range of skills and strategies? Consider some of the following key areas:

Learn more at Expert vs Novice Information Scientists.

Thinking Across the Curriculum: A Dozen Skills

1 - Identify main idea

2- Identify relationships and make connections

3 - Sequence events

4 - Identify details

5 - Distinguish fact from opinion

6 - Identify cause and effect

7 - Compare and contrast viewpoints

8 - Defend a position

9 - Identify the problem and solution

10 - Make predictions

11 - Make inferences

12 - Draw conclusions

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Designing Authentic Learning Environments

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