turtle on skateboardThe Technology Race:
Who Wins? The Tortoise or the Hare?
Explores strategies for creating practical K12 activities that combine the power of technology with active learning and thinking to address standards and meet individual needs.
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Winning the Race

Who Wins the Race?
The teachers and students who make the most efficient use of ALL resources:

BBC Learning

Color, Contrast & Dimension

Discovery School

Kid's Planet

Library of Congress Learning Page

National Geographic


Ology from American Museum of Natural History


Read Write Think


Using one of the websites above, identify a specific, content-rich web page. Create an activity that combines reading + writing + content + thinking to address a specific standard.

Focus on Personal and Professional Connections



Jan Brett


The Learning Experience

Turtle Experience 1
How can you use technology to provide data for comparisons?

go to teacher tapExplore Primary Resources and Real-World Data from Teacher Tap.
USGS: EarthQuakes
PBS Kids Zoom: BackPack
American Memories

Turtle Experience 2
How can you use technology to provide alternative perspectives?

42explore logo Explore 42explore Projects - topic or subject index.
PBS StoreWars.
MatissePicasso; Lakeland Inspiration example


Turtle Experience 3
How can you use technology to provide another sense?

tiny multimedia seeds logoExplore Multimedia Seeds including Radio & Audio Webcasts, Remote Audio, Remote Music, Video Clips, Streaming Video, Remote TV.
National Geographic: Creature Feature, How Stuff Works Animations, Do You Speak American?, NPR, Political Cartoons, Debate Comics


Turtle Experience 4
How can you use technology to provide more reading resources?

go to teacher tapExplore Electronic Books and Online Reading from Teacher Tap.
Literature Ladders
Epidemics: An American Plague: the True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793, by Jim Murphy; Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster: The Search for the Smallpox Vaccine, by Albert Marrin; The Influenza Pandemic of 1918, by Virginia Aronson; Life During the Black Death, by John M. Dunn; The Great Influenza, by John Barry


Turtle Experience 5
How can you use technology to provide connections with parents?

go to teacher tapExplore Educational Portals and Starting Points from Teacher Tap.
Parent Connections: Start Squad, Life of Pi

Turtle Experience 6
How can you use technology to promote reading?

go to teacher tapExplore Magnet Poetry, Stories, & Mad Libs: Writing Fun On The Web from Teacher Tap.
Serial Reading: Story Dog


Turtle Experience 7
How can you use technology to provide global discussions?

go to teacher tapExplore Discussion Tools & Technology-Rich Learning from Teacher Tap.
Explore Book Awards from Teacher Tap.
Avi - Nothing but the Truth


Turtle Experience 8
How can you use technology to provide interesting starting points?

go to teacher tapExplore Interactive Websites, Games, and Activities from Teacher Tap.

Turtle Experience 9
How can you use technology to provide quick resources?

42explore logo Explore 42explore Projects - topic or subject index.

electronic materials logoLibrary Portals for Children and Young Adults
Pathfinder Collections
Library Spot


Turtle Experience 10
How can you use technology to facilitate critical and creative thinking?

go to teacher tapExplore Web-based Contests, Fairs, & Publishing from Teacher Tap.
Explore Online Annual Events from Teacher Tap.
Planets & Artsy Astronaut
News from BBC


Turtle Experience 11
How can you use technology to facilitate both content and information?

information inquiry logo Explore Information Inquiry for Teachers.
Explore the Ws.
Explore ThinkQuest Projects such as ThinkQuest Project

Turtle Experience 12
How can you use technology to facilitate different ways of thinking?

go to literature laddersExplore Literature-based WebQuests from Literature Ladders. 
Ellis Island Records & Angel Island


go to teacher tapExplore WebQuests from Teacher Tap.


The Tipping Point

naturescapesExplore Naturescape.

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