Riding the Reading Roller Coaster:
Read and Write Biographies
You'll find many great biographies for children including many by Russell Freedman. Below you'll find ideas for the following three books:
Ask students to read and biography. Then, learn more about the person online. Use the following website to locate online biographies:
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Lois Lowry
Looking Back

Lois Lowry's autobiography uses an interesting approach to presenting information. Each chapter contains a photo from her life, a story about the photo, then how it relates to her writing. Ask students to use a similiar approach in their autobiography projects.

Learn about other authors at the websites below:

Explore author websites. Some include just general information, while others provide in-depth articles. Identify unique features in particular website such as "how to write" sections and "activity" sections. Ask students to create an "author" website on paper or in a word processor. What would they include about themselves? Use their portfolio as their "works".
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Created by Annette Lamb, 1/01