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Spinnin' the Web:
Designing and Developing Web-Based Learning Environments
Designing web-based learning environments is like spinning a web. Start with a strong web of quality Internet resources. Then, design, develop, implement, and evaluate your own web project!
Along with textbooks, trade books, CD-ROM, videos, and all the other technology resources, it's time to make curriculum connections using Internet resources. This workshop will help you LEAD the way through LOCATING web-based resources, EVALUATING these materials, ACTIVATING the learning environment, and DISSEMINATING student-based projects on the web.
In this workshop, you'll integrate Internet into the K-12 curriculum through the development of web-based learning environments. Explore how teachers and students are working together to create school sites, classroom pages, newspapers, projects, and individual pages. Examine large-scale, ongoing projects and small-scale, short-term projects. Design, development, implement, and evaluate web-based pages and projects.
This workshop challenges educators to become not only consumers and collaborators on the Internet, but also creators of web-based learning environments. Participants will focus on assessing needs, identifying objectives, developing instructional strategies, and planning web-based curriculum materials.

Annette Lamb

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This workshop is a companion to the book, Spinnin the Web: Designing and Developing Web Projects and Building Treehouses for Learning.
This workshop contains elements from the following presentations: LEAD the Way, Web Wizards, Spinnin' the Web, and Web Weavers.

Created by Annette Lamb, 6/99. Updated 4/00.