Implementing Web-based Learning Environments

Your environment is ready, but what about your students? Have you considered how your project will work in the "real-world" of your classroom? Let's explore project management considerations such as timelines, site layout, project mapping, copyright, use of screen dumps, and responsibility charts. Finally, classroom management techniques including learning styles, time management, collaborative groups, and file management will be explored.

Project Implementation

Manage the Project

  • Project Organization
  • Classroom Management
  • Motivation
  • Formative Evaluation
  • Advertising Your Site

Getting Organized

  • Timelines
  • Site Layout
  • World or US Map
  • Screen Dumps
  • Background Info
  • Responsibility Chart

Responsibility Chart

(See Spinnin the Web by Lamb for charts)

World Peace

Trees Across America

Class Management

  • Ability Levels
  • Speed
  • Grouping
  • Internet Access
  • Email Use
  • Computer Schedule
  • File Management

Learning: The Next Generation


  • Show model sites
  • Print sample projects

Great Kids Site

Spin the Web!

Plan a project headquarters for your classroom.