Disseminate information and ideas

Internet lets you and your students reach beyond the classroom. Share your exciting learning experiences with others through web-based dissemination projects. Ask yourself:

  • What unique information can your class share?
  • How can your students help other students learn?
  • How can your children connect with the world outside the classroom?

Post Projects

Create Classroom Pages

Connect with the Community

Share Learning Experiences

Support Student Newspapers

Post Projects

Start simple. If your students do a great job with a project, submit their work for publication on the Internet.

The Refrigerator

The Diary Project

An Apple A Day

Share Learning Experiences

If you've got access to your own website, you and your students can share what you're learning. Encourage your students to help and support children in other schools by providing information, volunteering services, or making email connections.

Storyteller Dolls

Voices of the Timeless Coast

Civil Rights Movement

Highland Park Gallery

Museums in the Classroom



Desert Collages

Create Classroom Pages

Many teachers and students share what's happening in their classroom on a classroom or project page.

Virtual Science Fair

Class Projects

Mrs. Buchman's Class

Animal Habitats

Celebrating Diversity

Support Student Newspapers

Students often sponsor their own magazine or newspaper.

Yahoo's List


Junior Seahawk Newsletter

Boulder School Newspaper

Connect with the Community

Encourage students to reach out into the community and take action.

Whistlestop Project

50 Years of Literacy in Iowa

Spin the Web!

Do some brainstorming:

  • How will your students disseminate information about their project?
  • Could you expand your project to include a sharing element? Who could your students collaborate with? What about sharing inside and outside your school?