rainUsing All Resources

Rather than thinking of the computer as a separate activity, consider how it's a part of everything you do. Explore the role that computers can take in large group, small group, and individual activities.

When does it make sense to use books, websites, videos, and other materials in the classroom?

Storm Activity
Go to Weather Watch from Scholastic (Explore Climate Conditions).
Discuss what elements of this website would work as a large group, small group, and individually. What could be done on- and off- the computer? What other resources could be used with this website such as books (Blizzard by Jim Murphy, Blizzard's Wake by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, and Blizzard Disaster by Peg Kehret) and other websites such as NOAA, Weather Channel, Weather Canada, Australia, 42explore: Weather, 42explore: Snow, 42explore: Floods, 42explore: Tornado, 42explore: Drought, 42explore: Earthquake, 42explore: Fire, 42explore: Glaciers, 42explore: Global Warming, 42explore: Hurricane, 42explore: Wind?

Focused Web Applications

sunIf you have limited technology, use focused web applications with connected off-computer extensions. Consider using the applications in one of two ways:

Large Group. Use the web-based Flash activity as a large group activity to introduce a unit, present a perspective, illustrate a concept, review key ideas, or provide a shared application and experience for discussion.

Learning Centers. Use the web-based Flash activity as one of many learning centers in the classroom. What activities and resources (i.e., books, experiments, hands-on activities) could be integrated into other centers?

Storm Activity
Explore other Flash Simulations. Brainstorm options for large group and small group use.
Would the Flash-based activity be used as a (1) Springboard/Hook, (2) Information Presentation, (3) Active Participation and Practice, (4) Application, Transfer, Closure.

Other Flash and Interactive Simulations.
Flash Simulations
Shakespeare: Subject to Change
Virtual Ecosphere
Learner.org Exhibits
ThinkPort Field Trips
Teacher Tap: Interactive Websites

Developed by Annette Lamb, 3/06.