Seven Simple Starters

This short workshop focuses on seven simple "starters" for teachers interested in integrating Internet into their classroom.

Explore each of the ideas below. Then, design an activity that will work for you!



Do it Daily

What can I do daily or weekly?

  • What's the weather forecast?
  • Who won the game?
  • Who's birthday is it?
  • What happened in history?
  • How is the stock doing?

Check out Daily Dose of the Web for lots of ideas.

Go to Teacher Tap: Daily Resources and Teacher Tap: News. Identify an activity your students can do on a regular basis. This shouldn't take any time out of your schedule. Instead, put a student in charge.

Connect to Class

How can I connect to each subject area?

Connect to reading, writing, math, science, art, music, health and physical education, or industrial technology, family and consumer science.


Go to

Select a specific web resource. Create a Word document with specific guidelines for its use.

Join a Project

What project would help me reach outside my classroom?

Share through surface mail, email, web, blogs, wikis, and more.

Go to Teacher Tap: Online Collaborative Projects. Brainstorm projects that involve connecting with another classroom.

Promote Learning

How can I promote the love of learning through technology?

Learn, just for fun

Ask questions

Seek answers

Use the teachable moment...

Go to 42eXplore.
Go to Teacher Tap: Virtual Field Trips and Museums.
Consider ways to create the "teachable moment" in your classroom to go beyond the standards.

Solve Problems

How can technology help students solve problems?

Design activities that include:

  • Introduction/Topic/Scenario
  • Task or Activity
  • Process or Procedures
  • Web Resources
  • Product/Outcome/Conclusion


Go to Teacher Tap: WebQuests. Design a simple WebQuest in Microsoft Word.

Share Projects

How can my students share their projects with others?

  • Artwork
  • Poems and Stories
  • Science Projects
  • Health Ideas
  • Oral Histories
  • Timelines
  • Community Studies
  • Biographies


Go to Literature Ladders: Interactive Projects and Teacher Tap: Contests, Fairs, and Publishing. Identify a project you might join. Or, create a blog to share your projects. Learn more about blogs at escrapbooking:blogging.

Create a Smile

How can we use technology to create smiles?

  • Send some email
  • Send a virtual greeting card
  • Invite a professional
  • Write an author
  • Thank a web developer
  • Give feedback to kids


Go Teacher Tap: Electronic Postcards and Teacher Tap: Ask an Expert. Develop an activity focusing on students making contact with others to promote kindness or positive relationships.

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Feel free to use these materials for workshops or your own professional development. However, keep in mind that these materials were created for use by participants in Annette Lamb's workshops, not as stand-alone materials. For additional information about the "live" workshops, contact Annette Lamb.

Created by Annette Lamb, 6/99. Updated 3/06.