Technology Treats:
Learning Centers to Literacy & Inquiry Packs

technology treatsIntegrate Internet resources into the classroom through the development of meaningful, standards-based, technology-rich materials and resources. Build technology-rich mini-lessons and center activities that focus on a particular standard or thinking skill.

Keep in mind that projects don't have to be huge. Consider posting word lists and book ideas:

Kindergarten Class: Popcorn Words and Favorite Books

The Possibilities

  • Learning Centers
  • Learning Kits
  • Literature Circles
  • Literacy Backpacks
  • Outdoor Literacy Packs
  • Inquiry Packs
  • Geocaches

You can find lots of examples of starters and resources online:

Items to Include

Think of these technology treats as:

  • Birthday party in a bag
  • Playmate in a box
  • Living bibliography
  • Physical pathfinder

They might include:

  • Books
  • Maps
  • Video - cameras, VHS, DVDs
  • Sound - MP3 recorders, players, CDs, cassettes
  • Handhelds - Palm, ebookreader, listening wand, Leap tools, electronic keyboard, iPod, probes
  • Objects - natural things, puppets, manipulatives
  • Child Guide - questions, ideas, strategies, activities, task cards - things that promote inquiry
  • Leader Guide - ideas, standards, guidance, lessons

Tools for Sharing

Options for organizing:

  • Word documents
  • PDF files
  • Excel or Access Database
  • Web pages

Look for an easy way to post web links. Try a free service such as:

If you have larger collections of books or other materials you'd like to share, try LibraryThing! You could create a personal, classroom, or project collection!


Developed by Annette Lamb, 7/06.