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 Surfin' the Internet:
Practical K12 Project Ideas
Annette Lamb
The text and links on this page are from a workshop handout.
Lookin' for the Beach
Still looking for the
         time            energy
         hardware            need
Surfer Watcher
         Get the weather
         Email baby pictures
         Try simple searches
Happy Tuber
         Use online quizzes
         Use webquests
         Join online projects
         Create bookmarks
         Build activities
Super Surfer
         Create webquests       
         Direct online projects
         Maintain a class web page
         Infuse Internet projects                
Who Are You?
         Lookin' for Beach
         Surf Watcher
         Happy Tuber
         Super Surfer
Effective Surfing
         Exploring the Possibilities
         Identifying Resources
         Designing Activities
         Using WebQuests
         Focusing on Surfing Issues
         Trying a Dozen Ideas
World War II
         Books                 Videos
         Websites             Interviews
         Documents Maps
The Good Fight, Stephen Ambrose
Technology Tools
                  Word Processor  Database
                  Inspiration          Timeliner
         Video Camera
Use Visuals
         Photographs                Maps
         Diagrams            Chart
Get the Facts Online
         Evaluating Websites
         Checking Facts
         Building Timelines
         Making Comparisons
Surviving Hitler, Andrea Warren
Internet Sharing
         Lit Circles
                  Discussions, Experts, Interviews
Farewell to Manzanar, Jeanne Wakatsuki, Houston & James Houston
The Moved-Out, Florence Crannell Means
Simple Activities
         Online Quiz
         Question & Answer Activities
         Retelling Projects
Higher Level Activities
         What If's
                  Provide 3-4 sites
                  Compare information
                  Create a chart or graph
Writing Activities
         Beyond Reports & Worksheets
                  Persuasive Letters
                  Short Stories
Authentic Experiences
         Oral History Collection
         Email Interview Activities
         Online Debate
         Process & Procedures
         Evaluation & Conclusion
Teacher Resources
         Units          Lesson Plans
         Activity Ideas     Worksheets
Web Development
         Class Pages
         Student Projects
                  ThinkQuest, Cyberfair
Discuss "Best Use"
         Text, Graphic, Audio Resources
         Low vs High Level Activities
         Authentic Projects
         Teacher Resources & Class Pages
         Student Projects
Identifying Resources
         Starting Points
         Search Tools
         Search Strategies
Foundation of Info
         Sturdy chairs need 3 legs.
         You need 3 good resources for a foundation of information.
         Easy & Harder Description
         4 Starters
         Additional Web Resources
         Word List and Links
         Indexes: Subject, Date
Thematic Starters
         General Education Portals
         Teacher Sites
         Classroom Sites
                  seventh grade life science
         Thematic Resources
Consider Needs
         Text, Graphics, Motion, Sound
         Fact or Fiction
         Reading Level
Locate Websites
         Search Tools
                  for children                  for adults
Search Strategies
         Topic AND
                  lesson                  activity       project
                  webquest   student      kids!
Search Strategies
Select Materials
         Choose based on:
                  Content Quality
                  Varied info channels
                  Multiple Perspectives
Organize Resources
         Starting Points and Link Sites
         References and Information
         Learning Tools & Activities
         By Kids, for Kids
         By Teachers, for Teachers
Build Activities
         Start with outcomes
         Then, build:
                  questions   applications
                  webquest   project guides
Set the Stage
         Guide learning
                  worksheets, diagrams
         Transform information
                  write, draw, discuss
         Share ideas
                  email, bulletin boards
Things to avoid
                  copy URLs by hand
                  give too many options
                  expect miracles
                  waste time surfing
Things to do
         Review the 42eXplore archives
         Check 42eXplore weekly
                  Keep it simple
                  Focus on specific pages
                  Match activities & outcomes
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Collaborative Projects
Interpersonal Exchange
         Global classrooms
         Electronic appearances
         Question & Answer
Information Collection & Analysis
         Information exchange
         Database creation
         Electronic publishing
         Tele field trips
         Pooled data analysis
Problem Solving
         Information searches
         Peer feedback activities
         Parallel, sequential, telepresent
         Social action
Locate a Project
         Project Directories
         Collaborative Project Sites
                  Grant Projects
                  Science Experiments
Select a Project
         Project Considerations
         Size - partner, 1 + schools
         Length - short, long, ongoing
         Background - like, different
         Content area focus
Relevant Activities
         Appropriate Technology
         Project Size
         Teacher to Teacher
         Class to Class
         Group to Group
         Individual to Individual
                  Few & many participants
         What's the best project size?
Project Length
         One Shot
         Long & Short
What's the best length based on your time and outcome?
One Shots
         Special Days
                  Ground Hog, Earth Day, Eclipse
Short Term
         Special Events
         Olympics, Elections, Iditarod, Migration
                  Multiple Step Tasks
                  Info Exchange
Long Term
         Semester or Year Long
         Projects that Build
         Data Collection & Sharing
         Regular: daily, weekly, monthly
         Interpersonal exchanges
         Problem sharing
Flexible Projects
         Website-based Activities
         Submission Sites
         Alike or Different
                  location: rural, urban
                  race, age, gender, interests
         What types of students would you like to interact with?
Relevant Activities
         Does the activity match your curriculum outcomes?
Authentic Sharing
         Build an activity around authentic resources
         Repurpose data from other projects
Question & Answer
         Ask An Expert
         Impersonations - A famous person, A literary figure
         Hold a debate
         Hold a discussion
Interactive Projects
         Send a story, other illustrates
         Send a description of an invention, other creates
         Send a recipe, other creates
                  Monster Projects
Appropriate Technology
         Traditional Mail, Email
         Chat & Forums, Video Conferencing
         What's the best technology for activity?
Traditional Mail
         Travel Buddy
                  paper cutouts, stuff animals
         Share a Product
                  artwork, videos
                  objects - rocks
                  models, maps
         Kidpix, Word, Presentations, Photos
Chats & Forums
         Live discussions
         Threaded discussions
Video Conferencing
         Meetings & Events, Experts, Debates
                  Presentations & Skits
Adapt a Project
         Adapt resources, best, level,  region
         Extend a project
Create a Project
         Size - partner, 1 + schools
         Length - short, long, ongoing
         Background - like, different
         Content area focus
         Relevant Activities
         Appropriate Technology
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Practical K12 Project Ideas
Packaged Materials
         All In One Sites:
         Primary Resources
         Lesson Plans - Activity Pages, Worksheets
Focus on Options
         As you look at websites ask:
                  What's for kids?
                  What's for adults?
                  What's passive?
                  What's active?
Build Effective Lessons
         Start with standard
         Design a lesson
         Select online resource
         Choose end products
         Develop matching assessment
Project Ideas
Choose & Write
         Photograph         Poster
         Song          Video Clip
Student Starting Point
         Provide a starting point
                  a position to debate
                  an article to critique
                  an editorial to defend
Track Something
         Science Experiment
         Bill in Congress,2096,1-1,00.shtml
Mix Content Areas
         Reading stories, Science topics
         Historical information
Read for Information
         Look for:
                  curriculum connections
                  small chunks of information
                  appropriate reading level
                  use of photos
Beyond the computer
         Off computer activities
                  Science experiments
                  Manipulative activities
                  Outdoor games
                  Print materials
Info + Activity
         Look for:
                  background information
                  online activities
                  online calculators
Interactive Reading
         Choose a page
                  click on number
                  click on chapter
                  click on map
         Make your own story
         Play a story game
Printing Pages
         Simple Pages
         PDF files
Case Study
         Establish a scenario
         Select options
         Make decisions
Large Group
         Read aloud
         Make group choices
         Review individually
         Provide specific activity
Small Group Ideas
         Look for:
                  clickable maps of choices
                  lists of options
         Design a sharing activity.
Internet & Data
         Use data
         Provide sample graphs
                  M&M math
                  Pumpkin counting
                  Price comparisons
Focus on References
                  Phone Books
Focus on Directions
         Step-by-Step Instructions
                  Recipes, Sports, Experiments
Find Friends
         Online Discussions
         Email Attachments
                  sketches, stories
Kit's Wilderness, David Almond
Connect Cultures
         Join Projects
         Ask Questions
         Explore Results
Do It!
         Explore Possibilities
         Narrow Options
                  Outcomes, Activities, Assessments
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         Use            Adapt
         Co-Produce        Create
What's a WebQuest?
         Bernie Dodge, SDSU
                  More than a hunt
                  More than lists
                  uses power of Internet
Finding WebQuests
         "earthquake webquest"
         "gold rush" + webquest
                  Northern lightm Yahoo
WebQuest Elements
         Information Resources
         Learning Advice
         Is it a quality project?
         Does it fit my needs?
         Is it a good use of time?
         Is it a good use of technology?
Why WebQuests?
         Problem Solving
         Information Processing
         Real-World Problems
Brainstorm Topics
         What do you teach?
                  What needs outside info?
                  What needs shared?
                  What needs thought?
                  What's difficult?
         Create a WebQuest!
WebQuest Starters
         Books                 Videos
         Posters                Interviews
Building WebQuests
         The Task is the Key
         Types of Tasks
         Retelling Tasks             Compilation Tasks
         Mystery Tasks             Journalistic Tasks
         Design Tasks               Analytical Tasks
         Creative Product Tasks        Judgment Tasks
         Persuasion Tasks Consensus Building Tasks
         Self-Knowledge Tasks Scientific Tasks
Adapt A WebQuest
         Fix Link Rot
         Combine Ideas
         Change Elements
         Adjust Grade Level
Create Your Own
         Focus on Standard
         Match Your Grade Level
         Use Your Resources
Try It
         Use            Adapt
         Co-Produce        Create
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Surfing Issues
         Copyright Issues
         Citing Sources
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Copyright Issues
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Citing Sources
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Assignment: Write a paragraph about&
         You're asking for plagiarism.
Avoid Plagiarism
         Make high level thinking assignments
         Define plagiarism
         Discuss ethics and copying
         Teach proper citing
Identifying Plagiarism
         Identify a sentence or phrase
         Open a search engine
         Enter the words with quotes
         Search for the words
Surf Talk
         How are you dealing with:
                  Citing Sources
         List three strategies for Fall
A Dozen Practical Ideas
         Start Simple
         Practice activities
         Specific pages
         Stored results
Find Good Starters
         Gov't Resources
         School Districts
Use Self Contained
         Look for self-contained web resources:
         Good information
         Teacher resources
Find a Home
         Focus on Teaching Area:
                  National organization
                  District teacher sites
                  Grant projects
Print & Try
         Science Experiments
         Step-by-Step Instructions
Match Standard to Practice Environment
         Science Standard:
         Explain the food chain and how animals play the role of predator and prey.
Build Learning Adventures
         "The World of Poe"
                  Take a virtual trip
                  Read texts online
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Think Grade Level
         Reading Level
         Learning Strategies
Revisit  "Classic" Websites
         National Geographic
         Discovery Channel
         Museums & Gov't Agencies
Share Yourself
                  experiences                  geography
                  climate                 culture
Build Your World
         Polls & Surveys
         Quiz Builders
         Web Page Builders
         Rubric Makers
         Worksheet Makers
         Activity Makers - webquests
Use Eduscapes
         42explore                     Teacher Tap
         Literature Ladders      Activate: Ejournal
Who Are You?
         Lookin' for Beach
         Surf Watcher
         Happy Tuber
         Super Surfer
         Surfin' the Internet:

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Created by Annette Lamb, 6/01