boulder mountain
Boulder Mountain

Three Creeks West:
Our Retreat

Before we bought the property, we were already planning and exploring the possibilities.


Although it will be awhile until we can build on the property, we've already thought about where we'd like to park our RV and build a house. The jeep is parked at the entrance to a future driveway. In the center of the photo is the Ponderosa Pine that will be near the entrance to the house. As you can see, we have great underground electricity... now we just need a sewer system and well.

jeep and pine

We want to build our house behind the large Ponderosa Pine near the red dotted area below. The yellow dotted area near the road is where we'll initially put the utilities for our RV hookup for our visits.

home site


Below shows Annette in the center of our future home. She's currently facing Rabbit Valley to the north.

Annette in Kitchen

Below is the view from the house site over our future deck into the wash below.


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