boulder mountain
Boulder Mountain

Planning Ideas Scrapbook:


Final Specs:

chairmission desk



Buffalo Leather Couch

We first saw this couch years ago. Unforunately, we checked with Overland Ranch and they're no longer making the couch.


Living Room Ideas

mission tableWork Tables

Simply Amish

Solid Top Prairie Mission Table
(PL4276PM 42" x 76" cherry)
(Plan for 30-36" to push back chair)
(30" tall)




Mission Desk
(IW3060MD 60"W x 30"D x 30"H cherry)
Features 3 drawers on one side
May be too small for our needs



mission cabinetPrairie Mission Lateral 2 Drawer File Cabinet
(WSPMLP 36.75"W x 17.5"D x 30"H cherry)
(w/ WSOLF Legal Size adds 3" to depth)


Mission Bookcases
(IWMBC6 Six-Shelf 38"W x 13"d x 80"H cherry)
(IWMBC5 Five-Shelf 38"W x 13"d x 72 "H cherry)
(IWMBC4 Four-Shelf 38"W x 13"d x 65 "H cherry)
(IWMBC3 Three-Shelf 38"W x 13"d x 52 "H cherry)
(IWMBC2 Two-Shelf 38"W x 13"d x 40"H cherry)
mission bookcase(IWMBC1 One-Shelf 38"W x 13"d x 30"H cherry)
(Features 11"D adjustable shelves)

small bookcase






chestMission Chest of Drawers
(ME515CD 39.5'W x 22.25D x48"H cherry)










Renaissance House of Furniture New Castle CO carried Simply Amish


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