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Let's explore the world of management for libraries and other information institutions. These materials are designed for a graduate course at IUPUI. If you'd like credit, you need to register and complete the course requirements. However, if you're just interested in learning more about library and information science, feel free to browse. For more information, go to the IUPUI website:

Cross Listing

The LIS S551 and LIS S555 courses are cross listed.
The new s555 Digital Services Management course is intended for those students planning on a career in data or digital information settings. It’s required in the Digital Curation Specialization.

For at least the first several offerings, s555 course will be offered in conjunction with the s551 Library Management course. In other words, students in s555 and s551 will share the same Canvas course.
Those enrolled in s555 will be completing the digital services track of the Canvas course. Those enrolled in the s551 may choose the digital services track options if they wish.

The s551 course is recommended for students who wish to explore management topics across information institution settings. For those focusing on a specific setting, select s552 Academic, s553 Public, or s671 School Media.


The course is organized into four modules each containing a series of lessons.

If you're enrolled in the course, be sure to begin on the Canvas module pages and watch the introductory videos for each section.

If not, you still have access to the lessons without the video introductions. The lesson links below download the individual lesson documents directly.

Module 1: Who are we?

Module 2: What do we do?

Module 3: How do we do it?

Module 4: How do we connect for success?

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