Beyond the Books:
Reading, Technology, and Standards
Annette Lamb
Some kids love to read. Others would rather be biking. Even bikers need to know how to read!
The Internet is overflowing with resources for teachers and students. Unfortunately, it's often difficult to locate worthwhile resources and build effective, efficient, and appealing curriculum materials. This workshop will help you create thematic, web-based reading/literacy units that address common reading standards and benchmarks. Learn to create web-based and technology-rich learning materials with activities, projects, and performance assessments based on reading benchmarks. Integrate a variety of web-based, reading resources for students and teachers. Explore web-based, thematic units developed by classroom teachers.
Try the following activities:
Read an online version of the current session handout called Beyond the Book: Matching Reading Standards & Technology-Rich Thematic Projects.
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 Created by Annette Lamb, 06/01