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Collaborating with teachers and students in other schools is a great way to reach outside your classroom. Consider developing web pages that would allow students to share their ideas with other students around the globe. Your students could do book reviews, post reports, or share informational projects. Think about the following categories:
  • Time - Short term, long term, ongoing
  • Size - Partner schools, a few schools, many schools
  • Background - Similiar or different schools, grades, ages, locations, race, gender
  • Content area focus - single subject, interdisciplinary
  • Types of activities - surface mail, email, web, video conferencing
Explore a sample project:
Activity 1: Explore the following websites. Search for projects at your grade level and interest area. Discuss whether this project would work for your class. Use the following criteria in evaluating the project.
  • Does the project match my learning outcomes?
  • Does the project fit my grade level?
  • Do we have the hardware and software to implement the project?
  • Does the timeline fit the needs of my class?
  • Will the students find the project interesting and motivating?
  • Is the project "doable"?
  • What type of data would be collected and shared? Why? Is there a good reason for using the Internet?
  • How would you disseminate information, share results, and discuss the project: email, web discussion, chat, video conferencing?
Locating Collaborative Projects

Eduplace Project Center



Global Schoolhouse

Science Data Collection Projects

Kidlink Projects

Scholastic Online Activities

Canada Schoolnet GrassRoots

Collaborative Projects

Web Posting Projects


Poetry Post

Caldecott Clues

Kids Learn

Book Raps


My Hero

Flat Stanley



Books on Tape

Other Types of Projects


Threaded Discussions/Forums

Interactive Activities

EPals, Teaching with Epals

ePals Discussion Groups

Discovery Quiz Center


SparkNotes Discussions


ICCE - Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connection

BookSpot Book Discussion Center


E Pals Projects

Build Your Own Forum




Teacher Tap: Ask an Expert Projects


Ask an Expert Links


Ask An Expert - Library Spot 

Live Chats, IM, Video Conferencing

Travel Buddies

Classroom Conferencing

Flat Stanley


More Flat Stanley

Author Chats

Scoobie the Ambassador Dog

Online Book Review Projects

All Levels

Children's Books

Young Adults

Book Hive



Eduplace Books

Just for Kids Who Love Books

ALA Teen Hoopla

Kid's Book Review Panel

Carver School Book Review

Book Muse


Middle School Books

About YA Reviews

Book Browser

World of Reading

Book Reviews

Kids Read

Read, Write, Now

Write On

The Scoop

Spagetti Book Review By Kids For Kids

Literature Circles

Activity 2: Create a plan for your own sharing project. Use the Eduplace Online projects for examples. Consider each of the following areas.
  • Topic/Title:
  • Overview:
  • Content Areas:
  • Outcomes/Standards:
  • Ages of Participants:
  • Participant Requirements:
  • Type/Level of Interaction:
  • Materials Needed:
  • Procedure:
  • Timeline:
  • Contact Person:
Activity 3: Explore projects and discuss one that you could share with another school. Create a plan for the project.
Check out the Teacher Tap: Collaborative Projects page for lots of ideas.

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