Exploring Management Strategies
Classroom management is the key to effective, engaged learning environments.
Explore one of the following options:
Option 1:
Compare and contrast the sites that can be used to post web-based activities
Option 2:
Design an activity using television commercials from Ad critic and information from the ThinkQuest project.
Option 3:
Discuss projects that might involve the use of census data. How and why could students visualize and analyze the data?
  • Focus on an outcome.
  • Seek content with substance.
  • Ask for high level thinking.
  • Ask for simple products with impact
Option 4:
Brainstorm an activity using the Ralph Waldo Emerson, Electricity Safety, Newspapers, Astronomy Picture of the Day or Lichenland, Stains, Bios, or Opinion Pages website. Consider whether individuals or small groups would be involved. How many computers do you have? How much time do you have? What can be done on and off computer? What can be done in 1, 2-5, 25? What would the role be of each group member?


Option 5:
Explore a large-scale project from Australian Project, Environmental Project, or Bird Watch. How would you management this in your classroom?


Option 6:
Explore the Kid's Crossword puzzle site or other puzzle builders. Discuss examples of times during the day where you see students wasting time. Brainstorm ideas for making good use of the time - journal writing, problems.


Option 7:
Brainstorm some drill software you've used such as Quia, MathStories, or other quiz builders.
Discuss ways to build-in an immediate activity that requires transfer.
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