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Almanacs and Inquiry:
Ideas and Resources

Almanac BubbleWhen asked about the project, Ms. K states that "without a single doubt, the reference books have made this the most incredible year I've ever had. "

Ms. K developed a bubble map to show the key ideas in the Almanac Inquiry. These ideas include:

Click the bubble map on the right to download and view a PDF version.


almanac videovideo clipView Teacher Reflection (:38) and How I've Changed (:36).

The teacher describes her feelings about the almanac inquiry.



clipboardThe Learning Laboratory

As you design your own the learning experience, think about the physical and virtual spaces children will inhabit. Are the spaces child-friendly? Do they contain the materials and resources students need for exploration and creation?

Provide a variety of tools such as laptops, clipboards, and poster paper to meet diverse needs. Also, consider a wide range of resources such as reference materials, books, maps, globes, websites, videos, audios, models, and other materials.

Learn more about designing a Learning Laboratory.

Child Constructed Information Tools

For other examples of inquiry-based projects where students created information tools, explore the following websites.

The Virtual Museum Project. Grade 3, Central School of the Wilmette Public Schools, District 39, Wilmette, IL. Kid and teacher constructed virtual tour of the history of their local state and community.

The University Elementary School Community: a virtual orientation. Grade 3, University Elementary, Monroe County Public Schools, Bloomington, IN. Kid and teacher conceived and developed under the direction of the school librarian, Mary D’Eliso and two graduate interns from the IU School of Library and Information Science. An especially helpful reference tool for new international elementary grade students and their families.

student working with clipboardAlmanacs and Inquiry Resources

Consider both print and digital resources for your own almanac and inquiry project. Below you'll find some of the resources that can be used in this types of project.

Digital Resources

Almanacs Online

Other Annual Reference Resources

History of Almanacs

Print Materials

The following books were used in the almanac project. They include general and specific almanacs as well as other reference materials.


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