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Inquiry - An Overview

"Inquiry requires that we dig beneath the surface to explore a topic, dwell in it, wonder about it, and find out information. This deeper understanding is forged with long-term memory." (Harvey, 1998, 2)

leavesInquiry is the process of formulating questions, organizing ideas, exploring and evaluating information, analyzing and synthesizing data, and communicating findings and conclusions. It's the type of activity that children and adults are asked to do every day. Unfortunately, not everyone is well-prepared to deal with the demands of a fast-paced, technology-rich world containing endless opportunities, choices, perspectives, and conflicts.

Student information scientists of all ages can participate in inquiry-based experiences.

Click on the visual on the right to see a young child's leaf inquiry enlarged. It's filled with questions, facts, and opinions. Click the close box to return to this page.


eye means readRead Inquiry through Reference Using Extinct Animals by Karla Krueger in School Library Monthly (May 2010). IUPUI login required. Choose PDF Full Text and read pages 38-40).

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