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Student Information Scientist and Instructional Specialist in the Learning Laboratory

The student information scientist is at the center of the inquiry environment. They are supported by a cadre of caring, supportive, instructional specialists that each have an important role in nurturing the young information scientist. These student scientists and instructional specialists conduct their inquiries within an engaging learning laboratory filled with information resources needed to support the maturing student information scientist.

Examine the illustration below. Notice how the student is located in the center oval. The instructional specialist and learning lab encircle the child.

overview of model


Student Information Scientist

Children and young adults mature as student information scientists through increasingly complex and diverse information inquiry experiences.

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Instructional Specialist

The school library media specialist, classroom teacher, and other building educators all play an important role as instructional specialists facilitating the work of the student information scientist. As professional educators, they are able to apply effective teaching strategies to assist young learners.

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Learning Laboratory

Today's learning laboratory is much more than a traditional school library. The laboratory reaches beyond the walls of the school library media center into all areas of the school and outside the walls of the school into the local community and world of the Internet. This engaging learning environment includes a wide range of information resources, tools, spaces, and opportunities.

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