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Student Generated Materials

The learning laboratory is a environment for collaboration, creation, and sharing. A collection of previous student work is maintained, artifacts of both process and product, for future students to access and consider as they enter a level of inquiry new to them.

teacher and studentParents, students, teachers and administrators may view examples of student inquiry work at special events sponsored through the library media center. Information Inquiry Fairs, similar to Science Fairs, may be based on themes and are advertised as celebrations of learning accomplishment. In addition to student poster presentations, illustrations are provided of the thought processes to focus on the most critical questions and the most valuable resources.

Portals are created so students may view and critique peer work at various draft stages.

islandStudent journals have double entries with space devoted to reflections on the quality or limitations of information located and information still needed.

Final reports include a section in which the student describes the value of the sources located, predicts best information for similar future projects, and describes the value of peers, parents, teachers and librarians who may have helped to guide the inquiry.

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