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History fair, science fair, and media contests are just a few of the activities and events where the student information scientist shares products in the learning laboratory. For example, the illustrations below are part of a history exhibit on Colonial Jamestown.


The following examples demonstrates how exhibits facilitate the learning experiences of the student information scientist.

potAmerican Indian Heritage

The museum project got Megan interested in learning more about her American Indian heritage. Using artifacts contributed from her grandmother, Megan developed a history fair project to submit to the state contest. Her project along with three others were selected for display in the library media center for History Month.

Explore Megan's investigation for more detail.

featherLooking Closer

Isabella expresses an interest in the The Great Backyard Bird Count project to the school library media specialist. Ms. Anderson suggests that she might be a "project coordinator" helping Miss Hamilton and assisting the younger learners. She's thrilled with the idea of sharing her feather collection. As part of the bird project she creates an exhibit of her best feathers to share. She also creates a photo tutorial on the proper way to care and preserve for feathers.

Explore Isabella's investigation for more detail.

Explore Ms. Anderson's and Miss Hamilton's involvement as an instructional specialist.

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