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The Student Information Scientist

Before working with student information scientists, it's helpful to explore your own personal growth as an inquirer. How did you mature as an information scientist?

annie and fishExamine the experiences of Annie and Danny as they move through school.

Annie's Inquiries

Trace Annie's growth as a student information scientist through four inquiries that focus on different aspects of her emerging environmental awareness. As she matures, the focus of her inquiries becomes increasingly complex and her techniques more sophisticated.

Be sure to note the time period (1960s and 1970s) of each experience and the comparisons made to today's learning environment.

Click on each photograph below to explore an experience at the primary, intermediate, middle, or high school level.

Annette Primary GradesAnnette Intermediate GradesAnnette Middle GradesAnnette High Grades

danny readingDanny's Inquiries

Trace Danny's development as a student information scientist through his increasingly mature understanding of media, history, and conflict resolution.

Again, note the time period (1950s through 1970s) and comparisons made to today's children and young adults.

Click on each photograph below to explore an experience at the elementary, junior high, senior high, or college level.

Danny Primary GradesDanny Intermediate GradesDanny Middle GradesDanny High Grades

How Things Change

Below is a photo of Annie's nephew, Alex with his grandfather, Bill (phone below left). More than 60 years ago, Bill attended a one-room schoolhouse (photo below right; Bill on right) in Iowa. The only resources in his classroom were a blackboard, pull-down map, books, pencil, and paper.

Alex and BillOne room school

At one year old, Alex enjoys playing reading board books, online computer games and video conferencing with his aunt, and playing in diaper boxes. Trace the technology in Alex's Life.

Alex readingAlex computingAlex playing

Alex now lives in Austin, Texas. Their school libraries are typical of today's emphasis on a range of information technologies. What will their and your school be like when Alex is ready to attend high school? Will it be a learning laboratory ready for the next generation of children and young adults?

Your Turn

Reflect on your personal and professional experiences as an information scientist. Identify specific examples of how you matured as an information scientist. Predict the future of tools and techniques of information scientists. How will they change? How will they remain the same?

Record your own life-long learning inquiry experiences using the Annie and Danny pages as inspiration. If you're willing to share, please email us your personal inquiry stories and we'll link to it from this page.


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