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Trace Student Maturation By Topic

teenLike all areas of expertise, students develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to information science over time. As students reflect on each experience, they gain insights that can be applied to future inquiry activities. The key to evolving from novice to expert is building increasingly sophisticated personal tools and techniques.

As students move through school, they develop skills in particular subject areas. For instance, Jeanne Chall identified six stages in the process of learning to read.

video clipListen to Stages of Reading to learn more about how children learn to read. Dr. Louisa Moats describe Dr. Jeanne Chall's Stages of Reading. To learn more, read the PDF.

According to Barbara Stripling in Curriculum Connections through the Library (2003, p. 7), "if students have not unlocked decoding skills, then specific instruction must be given to that end, but even the youngest readers can also be taught strategies to enhance their comprehension of what they are reading."

Click and explore each of the following topics to explore a specific information skill and trace how a student matures as he or she gains experience and expertise.

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