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A student information scientist develops skills in identifying classic and respected works through gaining experiences in varied information inquiry situations. The scientist might ask him or herself the following questions:

girl with bookIf your inquiry topic deals with a major historical event, biography or controversial issue, consider what justifies a few of your sources as “classic” or the most respected sources on your topic.

Becoming proficient at the use of classic and respected works is associated with the following Information Literacy Standards (AASL, 1998):

The following example demonstrates how a student matures as he or she gains experience and expertise.

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Lewis and ClarkIdentifying essential sources is an important skill of the student information scientist. Beginners may be able to locate quality materials, but may have difficulty tracking back to the original sources.

For example, a novice researcher examining the Lewis and Clark Expedition may get excited about the many websites containing in-depth information.

However the experienced information scientist will recognize that most of these websites reference the original journals by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

Explore Kristen's investigation for more detail.

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