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boy and teacherA student information scientist makes effective use of experts to access information. The student scientist and/or instructional specialist might ask him or herself the following questions:

Becoming proficient at the use of key terms and strategies is associated with the following Information Literacy Standards (AASL, 1998):

The following example demonstrates how a student matures as he or she gains experience and expertise.

Scientist in the Field

spiderYoung students may develop their skills at defining respected sources by working with the nonfiction books available in the school library.

For example although many books are available on spiders, the book “The Tarantula Scientist” by Sy Montgomery and Nic Bishop is an award-winning book that follows tarantula scientist Sam Marshall on a scientist expedition. This book is part of the Scientists in the Field series that students may return to for materials on other creatures such The Snake Scientist by the same authors.

As student information scientists refine their skills they will begin to see the importance of identifying key sources and experts.

Explore Ryan's investigation for more detail.


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